All-electric BMW iX model with a paint job that changes colour surfaces at CES 2022

 If you are a fan of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto (GTA) collection, you agree that one of the cool features that come in very handy is the ability to drive into a car paint workshop and get a new paint job when the cops are on your tail. German automaker BMW is about making that an easy job that can be accomplished with just a button. According to a recent tweet, BMW has showcased an innovative paint scheme that automatically changes between two different colors. The feature was demonstrated on the all-electric BMW iX.

Before now, BMW had reportedly confirmed that it will perform a demo of “a technology that changes the exterior color of a vehicle with the touch of a button.” The company stopped short of providing further details regarding the technology at play but a demonstration was indeed carried out. A video of the technology in action was shared by Twitter user @Out_of_Spec.

The short video provides us with a view of the iX having a dark grey color and within a split second, the color rapidly changes to white. The process was apparently activated by the man standing next to the SUV with perhaps the press of a single button. The transformation is so cool and fast that is hard to believe it isn’t a video effect of some sort.

The technology is definitely in its infancy and will be some light years away from becoming commercial, that is if it ever does. The tipster even disclosed that the paint technology is extremely temperature-sensitive and that the carmaker has got a backup EV in the pool should the one being demoed get too hot or cold.

We doubt if this feature will come out anytime soon as it looks likely to be more useful to criminals than the regular car owners. But then, with proper regulation, it would be fun changing the color of your car without visiting the auto body paint shop.

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