Bomb Crypto: Learn all about the NFT game that rewards in BCOIN and its promising future (English Version)


Inspired by classic games like Bomberman, Bomb Crypto is making a lot of noise. See what the game looks like, what investment is required, and get to know BCOIN.

Those who work in the financial market are always looking for new and profitable investment options. In recent times, cryptocurrencies have gained ground with their promises of profit. Among the options, Bomb Crypto became a fever for mixing earnings with entertainment. But do you know how it works?
In this article we explain more about the concept and operation of this cryptocurrency. And more: all the details you need to know if you want to put it in your wallet.
We are talking about Bomb Crypto. The game is inspired by the classic Bomberman, but at the same time offers players the NFT experience. It involves the cryptocurrency called BCOIN, an acronym for BombCrypto Token.

How does Bomb Crypto work? 

Just as in the original game, in Bomb Crypto players are placed in a maze. In it, your characters move through space while being rewarded with the cryptocurrency BCOIN (BombCrypto Token) for destroying blocks.
If you are somewhat familiar with this universe, you have noticed that the game works as a kind of mining - reminiscent of another famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.
As for the ordinary, besides being a game it operates through NFT (a kind of digital certificate to affirm authenticity).

Screenshot of the game screen and the environment where the characters do their mining. Credits: Disclosure/Bitcoiner TV

It is interesting that these characters also cannot work all day. They have an energy bar and each time it reaches the end, automatically the hero enters a state of inertia, a little balloon appears over him indicating that he is sleeping to recover his energies. After some time it is necessary to reactivate the scroll when he is ready to go back to work.
The rewards are also different. There are some coin chests that have less content and therefore are easier to open and consume less energy from the hero, and there are the fuller chests that are harder to open and consume more energy.

How do NFTs work?

Non-fungible token - A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token that represents something unique. Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and various other utility tokens, NFTs are not mutually interchangeable.
One fungible item, such as money, can be exchanged for another. A Real banknote can be replaced, as long as it is of the same value. Infungible items, on the other hand, are like works of art, rare objects, unique specimens, etc.
The non-fungible token represents something specific and individual, and cannot be replaced.

And what does the NFT mean in Bomb Crypto?

Basically, that the functioning of the game is tied to technology and cryptography, which protects its uniqueness.
For this reason, when a character is improved, in appearance or skills, it becomes a more valuable asset that can be traded among the community and through the platform itself.

How to play Bomb Crypto?

To enter the game, the player needs to buy characters, to buy one or more characters you must use the cryptocurrency of the game, namely BCOIN. Do not forget that it has a daily quotation, which changes the value of the purchase periodically. The more you can buy, the more you can mine. The purchase takes place in 3 stages, where in the first stage the player needs to buy BNB at Binance, transfer the BNB to his MetaMask wallet and after connecting the wallet to the PancakeSwap site, convert the BNB to BCoin. 
The character classified as "random rarity" costs 10 BCOINS, so this will be your minimum investment (R$2.57 05/01/2022)

But what does random rarity mean? Just as the name suggests, the character acquisition is done randomly and in this case, it is possible to receive a common character or a legendary character, it will depend on your luck.
But there is more: all characters have energy bars. As the effort put into breaking stones and opening coin chests decreases, this energy decreases until it is completely depleted.

When this happens, the character goes to rest to recover, and must be reactivated some time later. During this period there is no activity.
To ensure that there will be digging during all this time, players recommend that more characters are acquired. This can be done with the rewards received during the excavations.
If you feel that you already have a sufficient number of characters and want to exchange the cryptocurrency for money, this is also possible. In this case, however, you must have at least 40 BCOINS in your account.

How soon can I earn BCOINS?

There is no rule about the profit time in Bomb Crypto. Some players, however, claim that an account with about 15 characters, one of them being rare and one super rare is capable of producing an average of 10 BCOINS daily.
Following the line above, in one month the player would have about 300 BCOINS mined. Considering the initial investment of 150 BCOINS to buy 15 characters of 10 BCOINS each, the profit of the first month would be 150 BCOINS. 
Remember that Bomb Crypto, like many cryptocurrencies, depends on factors such as its quotation. In the case of the game, besides this external variable, there are also internal ones, such as the level and the number of characters available in the account.
In addition, it is also necessary to consider how long you can stay with the game open. Most players are leaving the game open, on a computer, 24 hours a day (since the characters work alone, it is not necessary to monitor all the time). But in this case it is important to add power consumption into your calculations as well.

BCOIN quotation last months

Just like any asset or currency, BCOIN is constantly changing. Looking at the quotation of the last few months, on September 30, 2021 its purchase value was $1.44. On October 16, it suffered its biggest drop, trading at $0.78. The highest rise, in turn, occurred on November 28, when it reached US$ 8.28.

 Even Elon Musk himself has already talked about the currency on his Twitter and showed support for the NFT Bomb Crypto game, see the printout from his Twitter:

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